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Should You Take Photographs Of Bedsores Suffered Due To Nursing Home Abuse?

Our Michigan nursing home neglect attorney often sees medical malpractice cases arising from bedsores, pressure sores or decubitus ulcers. With proper care and monitoring, these sores should either be prevented or timely diagnosed so that prompt treatment can be administered.

Using Photographs of Your Bedsores As Evidence For Your Nursing Home Neglect Case

Medical malpractice cases against nursing home and health care facilities often arise when patients suffer from bedsores, pressure sores, or decubitus ulcers due to the mistreatment of the facility. If you are a victim of nursing home neglect and suffer from bedsores, you want to make sure you have proper documentation in proving the severity of the injury. In fact, photographic evidence is one of the most important tools in proving that severity.

Taking photographs of bedsores could ultimately mean the difference between winning and losing a case. Our Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers advise anyone who has been abused or neglected in a nursing home to document all aspects of their injuries via photographs and if a patients' request to be photographed is denied, get a judge to order the photographs to be taken. As a nursing home resident or patient, you have the right to photograph or videotape your injuries. A nursing home staff member, such as a caretaker, has no legal basis to deny the request.

Not only do you want to photograph the bedsore itself, but also the progression of it as well. Bedsores or pressure sores can develop quickly and it is very important to your case to document this progression. Taking a picture of your bedsore or pressure sore daily is a good idea. Capturing the date each picture was taken and who took the picture is also a good idea.

Legal Rights After A Michigan Nursing Home Abuse Injury

Patients and their families can file civil claims seeking money compensation for the injuries suffered due to nursing home neglect and abuse. In situations in which a patient dies due to the negligence of the facility, the family can file a Michigan Wrongful Death Claim for the loss of their loved one.

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Statute of Limitations For Michigan Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits

The statute of limitations for nursing home abuse varies from state to state. There are strict limitations for filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit. If you miss a deadline, your claim will be lost forever. To avoid these severe consequences, you should contact the Michigan nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. immediately. Our lawyers will start working on your case immediately, reviewing your entire medical chart to gather evidence necessary to prove and win your case.

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