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Bedsores Are A Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is a major problem throughout the United States.  It seems as though every week we read in the newspapers about another nursing home resident who died or was injured due to the negligence of the staff.   These are stories about real people and their family members who trusted the nursing home to take care of their loved one.  One major condition caused by nursing home neglect is the bedsore, otherwise known as a pressure sore or decubitus ulcer.

When a resident is admitted to a nursing home, the nursing staff is required to assess the resident’s risk of skin breakdown and developing bed sores.  Numerous factors go into determining whether a particular patient is a risk for developing a bedsore.  Risk factors include the mobility of the patient, the nutrition of the patient, and whether the patient in incontinent. If the skin breakdown assessment determines that the resident is a risk for developing a bedsore, the nursing staff is required to develop and implement a plan to both prevent the sore from occurring and to treat it at the initial stages.

Many times, a proper assessment is completed and the staff develops a care plan to prevent the resident from developing a bedsore.  However, this is often not followed by the staff.  This includes the failure to turn and reposition the patient every two hours, the failure to properly clean the patient and timely change diapers, and the failure to inspect the skin on a daily basis to note any evidence of skin breakdown.  The failure to do these things is clear evidence of nursing home neglect.

The effects of a bedsore are serious and often even deadly.   A resident with an advanced bedsore, like a Stage 4 bedsore, may require flap surgery and other surgeries.  Residents can develop osteomyelitis, an infection that goes down to the bone beneath the sore.  Many residents develop sepsis, an infection of the blood that affects other organs and can lead to death.

When these bedsores do occur, the resident and family can sue the nursing home by filing a nursing home neglect lawsuit.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the injuries suffered by the resident and recoupment of medical expenses paid by the health insurance company and Medicare.  In cases involving death, our lawyers file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the surviving family members.  To learn more about the rights of a resident who developed a bedsore due to nursing home neglect, call our legal team today at (800) 606-1717.