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Bedsores (Pressure Sores) on Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Our Michigan medical negligence attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. represent spinal cord injury patients who develop bedsores in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and skilled nursing home facilities.  These patients are more susceptible to developing skin breakdown and pressure sores and the medical providers must take extra measures to prevent this injury from occurring.  The failure to prevent a bedsore in a spinal cord injury patient can give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit or nursing home neglect lawsuit.

According to research studies, up to 40% of patients with a spinal cord injury will develop pressure ulcers (bedsores) from the beginning of their injury to the time they complete rehabilitation. These bedsores are most commonly found on the sacrum, the bones of the buttocks used for sitting, the heels, ankle and hip. But that does not mean that bedsores or pressure ulcers should be expected.  Further, it is never acceptable for a patient to develop a bedsore while under the care of a licensed medical provider.

Spinal Cord Injury Patients are Susceptible to Bedsores

There are several reasons why a spinal cord injury patient is more susceptible to develop these pressure ulcers. These include the inability of a spinal cord injury patient to feel sensations, the lack of mobility common with spinal cord injuries, incontinence, loss of weight and muscle mass, depression, and poor nutrition.

Just because a spinal cord injury patient is more prone to develop a medical condition does not mean that the patient should take full responsibility for having them. A spinal cord injury patient with bedsores is unable to take care of himself or herself and relies on others to make sure that their medical needs are being properly met.  The medical provider must take this matter seriously because the complications of an untreated bedsore can be deadly.

The medical provider is not only responsible for identifying a patient who is at high risk for developing a bedsore, but is also responsible to formulate a plan to prevent a high risk patient from developing a pressure sore.  This often includes the use of a specialized mattress, turning the patient on a regular scheduled basis, bathing the patient daily, and performing daily skin assessments.  If any evidence of skin breakdown is observed, it is absolutely necessary to start wound care treatment.

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Spinal cord injury patients who develop bedsores while under the care of a medical provide do have the legal right to be compensated for their injury.  To learn more about the legal rights of a patient with bedsores, contact our experienced Michigan medical neglect attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. now at (800) 606-1717 to schedule your free consultation and to learn the legal rights of a spinal cord injury patient with bedsores or pressure sores.

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