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Bed Sores On Elbows At Michigan Nursing Home | MI Elbow Pressure Sore Lawyer

Consulting with a Michigan nursing home lawyer who is an expert of bedsores cases in the elderly and those who are bedridden is absolutely essential with cases of nursing home neglect. There are times when bringing a lawsuit against a nursing home is the right thing to do, especially when the victim is a loved one or family member.

Even in cases where a family member has deteriorating health that leaves him or her at risk to develop bed sores on elbows, elbow ulcers or pressure sores on other parts of the body, the fact is that these open sores and ulcerations do not have to progress. There are health care standards that have been set up decades ago so these sores are caught in the early stages.  If the standards are not being met by nursing home staff, and a patient suffers from elbow pressure sores, a lawsuit may be filed against the Michigan home.

Why Bed Sores on Elbows At Michigan Nursing Homes Occur

Bed sores on elbows form for several reasons. If there’s pressure on the elbows for long periods of time, you have to ask the question, why isn’t the pressure relieved? Why do the bed sores on elbows continue worsening? But don’t keep asking yourself the question if your loved one’s condition is not improving. Schedule a consultation with a MI pressure sore lawyer who is an expert in elbow pressure sores.

Have you ever noticed that your elbow is hard? The elbows contain a bony protuberance that is close to the skin. The skin over the elbow bones may break down with pressure, especially when a patient is lying in bed for many hours of the day and night. When the body weight presses against the elbow bones, the continual pressure causes the sore.

Continual pressure on the elbows causes elbow ulcers. Continual pressure on other bony parts of the body causes pressure sores too. These bed sores on the elbows and any pressure sores should be constantly monitored by nursing home staff. Studies have found that these elbow pressure sores are relieved by frequently turning the patient over in the bed. It’s a simple action, yet in many cases, the simple preventative action is not taken.

There’s another aspect about pressure sores of the elbow that you may not know. The pressure sores won’t develop as fast when the integrity of the skin is maintained by a good diet. There are many important nutrients needed for healthy skin. Some of the most important ones are high quality protein in the diet such as eggs, dairy products, beef, pork, chicken, turkey and fish, and vitamins such as vitamin A, E, C, and zinc.

When a patient in a nursing home is not receiving well-balanced meals such as meals without enough protein, the skin will break down more easily. If a patient is not eating enough calories, this is another way that the skin breaks down easily.

Do You Need A Michigan Elbow Bed Sore Nursing Home Lawyer?

There are many things that staff can do – and should do - to lessen the chances of your loved ones developing bed sores on elbows at nursing homes. Don’t blame yourself or your loved one for not having a good appetite; a poor appetite is often the sign of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. But think outside the box. Who has been given your trust that your loved one won’t have these deficiencies? It’s the nursing home staff. You’re paying for good care.

This is why it’s important to consider filing a lawsuit with a Michigan nursing home elbow pressure sore lawyer.

The experienced nursing home lawyer experts at Buckfire & Buckfire Law Office specialize in cases of bed sores on elbows at nursing homes. They are expert attorneys with a very successful track record for winning settlements against Michigan nursing homes when nursing home staff fail to give the proper care for their residents with elbow ulcers and bed sores on elbows.

The problem is that your loved one will continue to suffer from these conditions, which can even lead to serious infections and death. Helping starts with a simple phone call.

Our Michigan Nursing Home Elbow Pressure Ulcers Attorneys Will Get Justice For Your Loved One

If you or a loved one suffers from pressure ulcers on the elbow while residing at a Michigan nursing home, call our top rated Buckfire & Buckfire expert attorneys now.  We will explain your legal rights and start working on your elbow ulcers case immediately gathering all the evidence, medical records, and witness statements to prove and win your case.  Call now at (800) 606-1717.  Our nursing home lawyers offer a No Win No Fee Promise, which means no legal fees or costs until your case is settled or won.