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Bed Alarms - Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Michigan personal injury lawyers often see medical malpractice cases arising from a patient falling in a hospital, whether it's falling out of bed, while walking to the bathroom or through the facility, or even being dropped by staff during transfers. According to the Joint Commission bed alarms are an effective risk reduction technique for prevention of hospital falls.

Bed Alarms Preventing Patient Hospital Falls

Patients who are at risk for self-harm or tend to wander outside their room should have a bed alarm. Bed exit alarms warn caregivers when patients leave or attempt to leave their beds. If patients are medicated, disoriented, and/or confused, getting off their bed without the help of a nurse, doctor, or caregiver can be very dangerous. Bed alarms will prevent patients from falling, because if they attempt to get out of their bed, a certified employee of the hospital or caregiver will be notified.

Bed Alarm Forms

There are many different forms of bed alarms and they include:

  • Pressure-sensitive pads which can be placed under the buttocks
  • Cords and garment clips, patient wears alarms that are attached directly to body
  • Floor mats with sensors and bedside infrared beam detectors that are set up next to the wall or bed

Legal Rights For Patients Injured In Hospital Falls

Patients who suffer injuries due to falls in hospitals do have legal rights. The patient, or most typically a concerned family member, should contact our office immediately after a fall accident to investigate the cause of the accident. These injuries are often not well-documented by the facility or the staff and it is necessary to do a full investigation, especially because the patient does not always have the ability to remember or describe the incident. An injured patient may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries suffered in a fall if the hospital failed to take proper preventative fall measures.

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