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Michigan bair hugger warming blanket lawsuitsOur defective medical device lawyers are investigating cases for patients harmed by a Bair Hugger Warming Blanket.  Bair Hugger is a forced air warming blanket that is used to prevent hypothermia in patients during some surgeries. This type of warming blanket has been in use in the United States since 1988. Today, over 80% of U.S. hospitals use the Bair Hugger technology. Recently, there have been several reports of complications associated with the Bair Hugger blanket. 

Bair Hugger Infection Complications

Serious infections have been seen in patients who underwent surgery to receive medical implants, such as knee implants, hip implants, or artificial heart valves.  The most common infections are:

  • MRSA
  • Deep Joint Infection (DJI)
  • Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI)
  • Soft-Tissue Infection (SSI)
  • Staph Infections
  • Celulitis, and
  • Sepsis

These infections cause serious health problems that require additional surgeries;  removal of the implant, cleaning of the hip and dead tissue removal, and removal of most of infected tissue and muscles.  Some patients have had their limbs amputated due to the infection.  These have resulted in significant medical treatment, extended hospitalizations, and large medical bills.

What are the Criteria for Filing a Bair Hugger Lawsuit?

The 3M Bair Hugger is a force hot air warming blanket, used primarily to help maintain a patient’s body temperature during surgery. The device works by pushing warm air through a flexible hose into a blanket draped over a patient.

However, warming blankets can recirculate contaminated air over a patient’s body, including over an open surgical site. This may result in infections like MRSA or sepsis.

In particular, patients undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery are at risk of infections deep in the joint, which is very difficult to treat.

Complications from these infections include hospitalization, implant revision surgery, limited mobility, permanent disability, amputation and death.

To file a Bair Hugger Lawsuit, the following criteria must be met:
  • Underwent total hip or total knee replacement
  • Surgery occurred after September 9, 2010
  • Infection occurred within one year of the hip or knee replacement
  • Infection was so severe that it resulted in the eventual removal of the initial hip or knee replacement device

Bair Hugger Lawsuit Compensation & Settlements

Our award winning attorneys are pursuing Bair Huger infection lawsuits.  These lawsuits demand compensation for your physical and psychological harm, disability, lost wages, and medical expenses.  The settlements are expected to be substantial.

There are absolutely no legal fees until you receive your settlement and our legal team will pay all of case costs and litigation expenses. It literally will cost you nothing to get started.  If your case is unsuccessful for any reason at all, you owe us nothing.  We put that in writing for you.  

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