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How To Calculate Attorneys Fees in a Michigan Car Accident

Our Michigan car accident lawyers represent injury victims under our in an No Fee Promise, which means “No Win, No Fees.”   This type of fee agreement is permitted under Michigan law and is referred to as a Contingent Fee Agreement or Contingency Fee Agreement, because the fee is determined based upon the result obtained in your case. 

Most Michigan law car accident firms handle their contingency fee cases on a one-third contingent fee basis, which means that the fee will be 33.33 % of the net settlement amount.  The net settlement is the amount of the settlement remaining after costs spent on the case have been subtracted from the total amount. 

Below is an example on how this works for a $100,000 insurance policy settlement for a car accident case:

Settlement Amount:  $   100,000.00

File Costs/Expenses:         4,000.00

Net Amount              $    96,000.00

Attorney Fee             $    32,000.00 (33.33% of Net Amount)

Client Receives          $    64,000.00

The amount of a settlement varies from case to case and depends on a number of factors, including the degree of fault by the other driver, the seriousness of the injuries, the medical treatment, and the size of the auto insurance policy.  Typically, the more complex car accident cases have significantly more in costs and expenses than a more basic type of case.

Michigan car accident victims need a fair fight and hiring a top lawyer is the best way to combat and win your case. Our lawyers are experienced, professional, and rated “Superb” by the top internet lawyer rating service. We are very selective in the cases that we choose to accept because we devote our full time, energy, and resources to each client and their case. This allows us to win settlements in over 95% of our cases without ever going to court. We win those cases that do go to court also.

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