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Aphasia is a brain condition that results from damage to the areas of the brain responsible for language.  For most people, this means the damage has occurred to the left hemisphere of the brain.  Aphasia usually limits the ability of a patient to speak or communicate, although the degree to which a person's language skills are affected will vary with each person.

Aphasia is most commonly caused by a stroke, but it can occur whenever the brain is deprived of oxygen.  Other common causes include heart attack, drowning, and head trauma from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, or other types of accidents. 

Aphasia is actually very common, although few people have heard of it.  According to the National Aphasia Association, more than one million Americans have some form of aphasia, and more than 100,000 cases are diagnosed each year.  The National Aphasia Association's website lists several aphasia support groups, which can offer assistance to people suffering from aphasia and their families.

In some instances, particularly when a person has experienced a heart attack or stroke, the aphasia would not have occurred but for the preventable error of a doctor or hospital staff.  Or, this type of medical error can make aphasia that accompanies a stroke much more severe than it would have been if the correct treatment had been given.  In cases like these, the patient may have a claim for medical malpractice. 

In other instances, particularly when a person suffers aphasia as a result of a car accident or motorcycle accident, Michigan law allows the person to file a lawsuit against the person that caused the accident.

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