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Anti-Psychotic Drugs Wrongly Prescribed in Michigan Nursing Homes

Our Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers handle cases involving medication errors and wrongly prescribed drugs to nursing home residents.  These wrongly prescribed medications and medication errors can cause significant injury to the resident and often give rise to a nursing home neglect lawsuit.  In cases involving death of the resident due to a medication mistake, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit.
A recent Boston Globe report relied on government data to uncover a major problem with wrongly prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to patients in nursing homes throughout the United States. 

According to the federal data, roughly 185,000 nursing home residents in the United States received antipsychotics in 2010 contrary to federal nursing home regulators’ recommendations - often elderly people like Murphy who have Alzheimer’s or other dementias. The drugs, which are intended to treat severe mental illness such as schizophrenia, can leave nursing home residents in a stupor.  These medications can have potentially fatal side effects when they are taken by residents with dementia.

Many nursing homes wrongly prescribe and administer these anti-psychotic drugs to the resident to pacify the resident.  This is essentially a way of chemically restraining the patient to make their care easier and less time intensive for the nursing home staff.  When medications are wrongly prescribed for this reason, it is a violation of the federal and state laws pertaining to the care and treatment of nursing home residents.

If you have a family member or know of a nursing home resident that has been wrongly prescribed an anti-psychotic drug for the purpose of pacifying the resident or if a resident has suffered an injury, including death, from an improper medication, it is essential that you contact our experienced Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers immediately to discuss the case.  We will obtain all medical records and prescription records to prove and win the case against the nursing home.   We will work hard to win a settlement for the resident and the family and our efforts will deter the nursing home from engaging in this unlawful behavior with other residents.