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Ann Arbor Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wins Wrongful Death Settlement

Our medical malpractice lawyers recently won a $240,000 settlement against an Ann Arbor surgeon and medical facility.  The lawsuit was filed by the son and daughter of a patient who underwent bariatric weight loss surgery at the medical facility.  She was admitted to the facility after the surgery and followed by the treating surgeon, a hospitalist, and the nursing staff.   She was discharged home within forty-eight hours of the surgery.  When she arrived home, she had severe abdominal pain and was in significant distress.  Her family took her to a local hospital emergency department and she died the following day.  The medical examiner determined the cause of death was sepsis from a post-operative bariatric surgery leak.

On behalf of the family, our law firm filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on their behalf seeking all damages permissible under Michigan law.  The lawsuit alleged that the surgeon and medical staff failed to timely diagnose the post-operative leak and discharged her home with the signs and symptoms of a leak.  The suit alleged that if the condition was diagnosed before she was sent home, she could have undergone another surgery to repair the problem and she would not have died.    The defendants argued that the leak occurred after she left the medical facility and that her vital signs at the time of discharge were appropriate for her to be sent home.  The defendants also argued that the death was not caused by sepsis,  but due to a cardiac arrest that was not related to a bariatric leak.

The lawsuit was filed in the Washtenaw County Circuit Court in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The parties conducted a number of depositions of the family members, medical providers, and expert witness and began to prepare for a jury trial.  Prior to the trial, the parties agreed to settle the case for $240,000 based upon the amount of damages available under Michigan law and the disputed issues in the case.

Our Buckfire & Buckfire Michigan lawyers handle cases involving the wrongful death of patients for family members who have lost a loved one in a medical malpractice.  These lawsuits brought under the Michigan Wrongful Death Statute are filed against the hospital facility doctors, nurses, or surgeons whose negligence in their care of the patient caused a premature and untimely death. For more information about filing a medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit in Michigan, call today at (800) 606-1717 to get your questions answered by one of our experienced attorneys.  We understand this is a difficult time for you.  We will address any concerns that you have and explain the legal process to you and what to expect when filing a claim.

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