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Michigan Amputation and Loss of Limb Accident Lawyers

Michigan Amputation and Limb Injury Accident LawyersAmputation and lost limb injuries from accidents have a profound effect on a person's employment, ability to care for himself, relationships and self-esteem. These type of serious injuries occur in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and work-related accidents.  They often also result from medical malpractice.

Many amputations are traumatic amputations and occur at the time of the accident itself, while others are the result of surgeries performed after an accident.  The most common amputations involve an amputated leg, amputated foot, amputated arm, and amputated hand.  Feet and toes are also often amputated as a result of an accident.

The recovery from amputation injuries can take years and involves often painful and uncomfortable physical therapy.  Psychological counseling is also an important part of the recovery process.  Many amputees regain their ability to function as normal through rehabilitation and prosthetic devices.  Many great organizations, like the National Amputee Foundation, provide support and research to assist with these efforts.

Amputee patients who suffered their injury in an accident do have legal rights to recover for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of their life.  To learn more about your legal rights, you should contact a Michigan personal injury lawyer immediately.

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