Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

An unpaid overtime class action lawsuit has recently been filed against Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. and  Integrity Staffing assigned employees to work at the warehouse.

Originally these lawsuits did not name Amazon as a party defendant, however based upon a recent court ruling; thousands of Amazon employees are now eligible to join the unpaid overtime class action claim.

The lead plaintiff in this suit is Jesse Busk.  Mr. Busk worked at the Amazon warehouse for one year and put in a 12 hour shift at the warehouse.  At the end of his shift after he clocked out, he would wait in line to go through a security checkpoint.  Every warehouse employee was required to go through this checkpoint before leaving as it was the company’s way to minimize loss of product from warehouse theft.  However, Mr. Busk, along with other warehouse employees found themselves waiting in line for up to 30 minutes unpaid, or “off the clock” after completing a long 12 hour shift.

Mr. Busk and a colleague have sued for unpaid overtime alleging unpaid wages for their time spent in overtime.  In addition to not being paid any wages, the unpaid overtime class action lawsuit alleges that he should have been receiving mandatory overtime pay.

“Workers do deserve to be paid for the time they spend waiting on the security line”, Busk argues.

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