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Why is hospital risk management calling me to discuss a medical mistake?

Quite often, when a patient is harmed due to medical negligence and the hospital is aware of the incident, the Risk Management Department of the hospital becomes involved. The patient and the family may then be contacted by a risk manager.

A risk manager’s job is to review adverse events, assess whether any negligence was involved, and determine whether certain steps can be taken to reduce and/or eliminate the chance of such an event taking place again in the future. Generally speaking, it is a good thing for the patient and family when risk management becomes involved in the matter. It provides an avenue for discussions regarding what happened, allows the patient and family to convey their concerns and dissatisfactions, and potentially discuss settling a malpractice claim without litigation.

Making the decision to involve an experienced medical malpractice attorney case when hospital risk management is involved is an important one. This is because without an attorney, you could potentially hurt your case due to the fact that often times, medical and legal issues disucsed during the meetings with the risk management department are discussions that only an experienced medical malpractice attorney can handle and address.  In addition without an attorney present, patients and their family members often convey information that is detrimental to their potential malpractice claim and that may prevent them from obtaining maximum recovery.  A good attorney will be able to properly prepare you and ensure you do not convey information that may hurt your case.

If you or your family member were injured in a hospital and you believe that the injury was caused due to negligent care by the medical staff, you should contact our medical malpractice lawyers immediately to discuss how we can assist you in obtaining answers to your questions and obtaining justice. In fact, we highly recommend you speak with our expert attorneys first before even having a discussion with the hospital risk management. Call us now at (800) 606-1717

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