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Who must pay if my parked car is damaged by another automobile?

The insurance company for the automobile which causes property damage to a parked vehicle or other property as a result of a Michigan accident is strictly liable for the damages done to "tangible property."

Tangible property does not include an automobile that is being operated at the time of an accident. It does include damages to vehicles which are parked in a safe and reasonable manner.

Therefore, if your automobile is not unreasonably parked, and your vehicle is struck by another vehicle, the damages to your vehicle are the responsibility of the insurance company of the vehicle which struck your vehicle.

Tangible property may include a home, signs, or any other object, but does include vehicles which are being operated at the time of an accident.

You are responsible for insuring the property damages to your vehicle if your vehicle is being driven. In cases where your vehicle is being driven, you are limited to making a claim for $500.00 against the other driver for damages to your vehicle.
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