Who is a top rated cerebral palsy lawyer in Michigan?

Finding a top rated Michigan cerebral palsy lawyer is essential if you are interested in pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit for your child.  The lawyer that you choose for your case can be the difference between winning a great settlement or receiving no settlement at all.  To find the top rated lawyer for you case, you should consider the following:

Does that cerebral palsy lawyer have an up to date website with important information on cerebral palsy lawsuits?

  • Does the cerebral palsy lawyer have a top rating from the Martindale Hubbell lawyer rating service?
  • Does the cerebral palsy lawyer have a top rating from AVVO, the internet lawyer rating service?
  • Has the cerebral palsy lawyer written any books on medical malpractice cases and child injury lawsuits?
  • What type of settlements and jury verdicts has the cerebral palsy lawyer won for his clients?

It is also important that the client feel comfortable with the lawyer and law firm chosen to handle the cerebral palsy case.  These cases can take several years and a good relationship between the attorney and the client is essential in achieving a great result for the child.  A great way to learn more about how a lawyer works with his clients is to read and watch client testimonials and reviews.

Attorney Lawrence J. Buckfire is AV Rated b ythe Martindale Hubbel lawyer rating service, meaning that he has the highest possible rating for skill and integrity.  He also has a perfect "10" rating from AVVO and has written free consumer books on medical malpractice and child injury lawsuits.  His track record of successful settlements and verdicts makes him well respected by others in the legal profession.  To speak with Lawrence J. Buckfire about your child's cerebral palsy lawsuit, call him now at (800) 606-1717 and he will answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

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