Who can I sue if I was paralyzed due to medical malpractice?

If you were paralyzed due to medical malpractice you may be able to sue the negligent hopsital or doctor who committed the medical mistake.     Medical malpractice lawsuits when a patient becomes paralyzed from a medical mistake are filed for a number reasons.  These cases can arise from anesthesia errors, undiagnosed and untreated spinal infections, the negligent care of a stroke victim, and other types of errors.

In order to prove that a person suffered paralysis from medical negligence , it must be established through medical experts that a medical error was committed and that this was a cause of the paralysis.  Many procedures involve the risk of paralysis and this unfortunate condition can happen even with proper medical care.   Therefore, it must be established that the paralysis would not have occurred with proper treatment.

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