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What is the settlement amount for a bedsore lawsuit?

There is no determined settlement amount for a bedsore lawsuit.  The amount of compensation a patient receives for their lawsuit is determined by an individual case basis.  First and foremost, it should be determined whether or not the bedsore was caused due to the negligence of a medical facility and/or it staff.  Nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities are to properly take care of patients, particularly ones that are prone to bed sores.  A risk assessment test should take place for every patient and a plan should be developed depending on the test results to ensure bedsores due not develop.

If there are any medical bills that incurred due to the bedsore, that will also be taken into account as what a fair settlement amount should be.

In addition to liability and medical bills, the severity of harm caused by the bedsore determines the settlement amount.  For example, different damages can result from a bedsore, some being more severe than others, such as infections, sepsis, or disfigurements.  Depending on what harm was suffered by the patient will help determine what a fair settlement is.  When a patient dies due to bedsore, a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit may be able to be filed.

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