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What is the rate for attendant care services in Michigan after a car accident?

The rate for attendant care services in Miachigan after a car accident varies based upon the extent of the injury, the level of services provided, and the skill level of the provider.  Rates can range from $8.00/hour to $30.00/hour depending on the level of service provided and the location that services are being provided. A staffing agency using an RN to change dressings and PICC lines would be toward the higher range and a family member essentially "babysitting" the injury victim could be toward the lower range. 

If you believe you are being underpaid for attendant care services, you should contact our No-Fault Insurance lawyers immediately.  We regularly file lawsuits against insurance companies who are significantly underpaying family members for providing these services. Quite often, we are able to obtain the underpayments in the past and secure the proper hourly rate into the future.

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