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What is the rate for an attendant care service provider in Michigan?

The rate for an attendant care service provider varies from case to case. For example, brain injury victims, services often include assistance with medications, assistance with activities of daily living, monitoring, and supervision. However, someone without a brain injury may not require as much assistance or attendant care service. A physician generally determines the number of hours each day that attendant care services are necessary which may factor into attendant care rates.

The insurance company often substantially underpays both the hourly rate and number of hours for attendant care services.  We strongly recommend that you contact our office to determine whether attendant care benefits are being properly paid.   Frequently, the benefits are being unpaid or underpaid and litigation is necessary to recoup that money and to ensure future payments are appropriate.

If you or someone you know suspect that you are being underpaid for attendant care services, or the insurance company is refusing to pay for your no-fault benefits after a Michigan auto accident, call our award winning car accident legal team now at (800) 606-1717.  We will start working on your case immediately gathering all the medical records and evidence to prove and win your claim against the insurance company.

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