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What is Risk Management at the hospital and does it relate to medical malpractice?

Risk management is a department within a hospital that is responsible for handling medical malpractice that has occurred within the facility.  Its employees have specific medical or legal training, and become involved when a patient is harmed due to medical negligence and the hospital is aware of the incident.  Their role is to reviews adverse events, assess whether any negligence was involved, and determine whether certain steps can be taken to reduce and/or eliminate the chance of such an event taking place again in the future at that hospital.

In general, risk management is a positive thing because it provides an avenue for discussions regarding what happened, allowing the patient and family to convey their concerns and dissatisfactions, and potentially discuss settling a malpractice claim without litigation. However, without an attorney present, patients and their family members often convey information that is detrimental to their potential malpractice claim that may prevent them from obtaining their maximum recovery.  It is very important for a patient to have his or her own attorney involved in the discussions with Risk Management. There are often very complex medical and legal issues discussed and the experience of a medical malpractice attorney is needed.

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