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What are my legal rights if a doctor missed a breast tumor on my mammogram?

If a doctor missed a breast tumor on your mammogram, and as a result there was a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer you do have legal rights to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent doctor.  In this type of lawsuit, it must be proven that the physician did misread the mammogram film, and due to this error there was in fact a delay in your treatment of breast cancer.

In addition to proving the medical error, it must also be proven that if the film had not been misread, a more favorable outcome to the patient would have resulted.

When a doctor misreads a mammogram, serious, even deadly, consequences can result to the patient.  This is considered medical error or negligence and a medical malpractice lawsuit should be pursued.

For more information on your legal rights if you or your loved one’s doctor missed a breast tumor on mammogram, call our top rated Michigan medical malpractice attorneys today to discuss your case.  We have significant experience in these types of cases and will represent you under our No Win No Fee Promise.  To learn more and determine if you have a possible malpractice claim against the doctor, call today at (800) 606-1717.  We will discuss your case with you and start working on your lawsuit immediately gathering all the evidence and medical records to prove and win your case.

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