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What are “coordinated” insurance benefits and should my Michigan auto insurance policy contain this coverage?

Coordinated insurance benefits mean that if you were injured in a Michigan car accident, your health insurance would pay for your medical bills before your auto insurance company does.  Most auto insurance companies contain this benefit, however it is important that Michigan drivers understand the importance of uncoordinated benefitsUncoordinated benefits mean that both the health insurance company and the auto insurance company pay the same amount in coverage, or what you could call a “double dip.” Having uncoordinated benefits is much more beneficial to the victim and all drivers should talk to their insurance agent about adding this type of coverage. However, even if you pay for the uncoordinated coverage, if you do not read the language or fine print properly in your insurance policy, there is a chance you will not get to “double dip” or reek these benefits.  This is why it is very important to have an experienced attorney review your policy to make sure you are completely covered.

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