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Should I speak with a hospital risk manager without having my own medical malpractice lawyer?

No, you should not speak with a hospital risk manager without having your own medical malpractice lawyer. This is because often time’s patients and their family members often convey information that is detrimental to their potential malpractice claim to a hospital risk manager that may prevent them from obtaining their maximum recovery.

Without the assistance of a medical malpractice attorney, victims will not know whether a settlement offer being made by Risk Management is reasonable and adequately compensates the patient or family for the injuries and losses sustained.  Although accepting an offer from Risk Management may seem reasonable, there are often several undisclosed terms and conditions that can undermine the recovery and can cause future problems for the patient and family if they have not hired an attorney.  The attorney is the safeguard against these future problems.  In addition, when discussing the case with a risk manager, complex legal and medical topics are discussed that often may not be understood by the general public. This is another reason why you should not speak to the hospital without your attorney present.

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