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Michigan Vacation & Resort Injury FAQs

michigan vacation and resort injury lawyersOur Michigan vacation and resort lawyers understand you probably have many questions about hotel or resort injuries. We do our best to answer many of these common questions below. Of course, you may have a question that requires the attention of an expert attorney, and we are here to help you with that.

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  • Can I file a Michigan claim for my drowning injuries caused by an Amusement Park water ride?

    Yes, you may be able to file a Michigan claim for your drowning injuries that were caused while riding on an Amusement Park water ride.  Depending on how the water park accident occurred, the drowning injury victim and his or her family may have legal rights to be compensated, including money damages for pain and suffering, disability, medical bills, and lost wages. Whether a person suffered serious injury or was wrongfully killed after an amusement park water ride, our top rated legal team will investigate what happened and collect all the evidence and witness statements to prove and win your case.

    Too often, a drowning death at an amusement park may be the fault or negligence of the park.  This can include the failure to properly supervise the area, the improper training of employees, inadequate staffing or lifeguards, the lack of safety equipment, and improper maintenance.

    It is essential to hire a qualified Michigan amusement park drowning injury lawyer who has a complete understanding of these cases and the knowledge and experience to achieve the best result for the victim and his or her family.  A complete understanding of the facts and the laws that apply to drowning cases is necessary to achieve the highest possible settlement.

    For more information on your rights after an amusement park water ride drowning accident in Michigan, call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced drowning injury lawyers about your case. Our office will start working on your case immediately and begin gathering witness statements and evidence to prove and win your case.

  • I was on a vacation in Mexico and was injured at the resort because of a slippery floor tiles near the hotel swimming pool. Can I file a claim against the resort?

    Yes. Quite often, these types of vacation injury and resort accident cases can be filed even though the injury occurred in Mexico or on some other vacation island or resort.  The time limitations for filing claims are different in other countries and it is important to contact an experienced lawyer immediately so that you do not miss a deadline.

  • I suffered a broken arm when I fell on a defective step at a Club Med resort in Cancun. Can I file a claim against the resort for my injuries ?

    Yes, there are special rules for filing lawsuits and claims against foreign resorts but you do have the legal right to file a suit.