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Michigan Food Poisoning FAQs

michigan food poisoning FAQsOur Michigan food poisoning lawyers know you must have many questions about your food poisoning situation. On the page below, we try to answer many of the common questions we hear from people every day. Of course, you may have a specific question regarding your situation that requires the attention of an expert food poisoning lawyer.

We encourage you to call us any time at (800) 606-1717. An attorney will take the time to answer all of your questions and provide you with advice on your best course of action. If you have a case, we will begin working on it right away. You will pay nothing for all of this until you receive your settlement check. There is nothing to lose!

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  • Who is best lawyer in Michigan for a food poisoning lawsuit?

    Finding the best lawyer in Michigan for a food poisoning lawsuit can be difficult task. When looking to hire an attorney after your Michigan food poisoning injury, you may want to ask the attorney the following questions:

    • What percentage of your practice is devoted to handling serious injury claims?
    • Have you ever written a book on food poisoning cases?
    • Do you have a website with information on the different types of food poisoning cases?
    • Have you ever taken a food poisoning case to trial and won a verdict for your client?
    • What kinds of settlements have you received for your clients?

    The lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. will give you direct answers to all of those questions, as well as answer any other questions that you may have regarding your case and your legal rights. Our firm has represented food poisoning victims and their families for over 40 years throughout the State of Michigan, and has the knowledge, expertise, and experience in handling these types of cases. We have a track record of obtaining sizeable Michigan food poisoning lawsuit settlements and jury verdicts for our injured clients and providing the best service possible.

    For more information about our award winning law firm and to discuss your case with one of our best lawyers for your Michigan food poisoning lawsuit, call our office now at (800) 606-1717.  We offer a No Win, No Fee promise, meaning our clients do not pay a penny until the case is settled or won. Call today for your free consultation!

  • My child is a student at Hope College and was infected with food poisoning in November. I think the College officials said it was Norovirus. What should I do?

    The most important thing you can do is to let your child know what to expect if he or she is currently suffering from the effects of a Norovirus infection.  The child's symptoms will resemble the flu and they generally last for about 3 days.  During this time, they will probably want to stay in bed and that is fine.  If symptoms persist for longer than normal, they should seek medical attention.

    Norovirus is extremely contagious.  People can remain contagious for up to two weeks after their sypmtoms go away.  Students should avoid congregating in large crowds and should avoid sharing food and drinks.

    Normally, reporting the infection is an important step.  The Ottawa County Health Department is already involved, so it may not be necessary to file a full report, but you should contact them and report your child's infection and be prepared to go through any necessary paperwork.  This will start a paper trail of your child's involvement in this outbreak.

    Once the Health Department identifies the cause of the outbreak, you will need to speak with a lawyer to determine if the outbreak was the result of someone's negligence.  Negligence just means that someone who had a legal duty to act reasonably acted unreasonably instead and that, by acting unreasonably, this person caused your child's infection. 

    It is very likely that a large-scale food poisoning outbreak which has infected over 400 people to date was in fact the result of somebody acting unreasonably, but the Health Department report is necessary to know for sure.  If the outbreak was caused by someone's negligence, you probably have a food poisoning case.  An experienced Michigan food poisoning lawyer like the ones at Buckfire & Buckfire could help you decide if you want to sue.

  • I suffered E. coli poisoning from Kroger ground beef. Can I sue Kroger for my illness and medical bills?

    Most likely, depending on what ground beef you purchased, where you bought it, and when you consumed it.  If your illness has been traced to Kroger ground beef, you most likely have a claim.

  • I dined at an Ann Arbor restaurant and became very ill just a few hours later. The emergency room doctor diagnised me with food poisoning and said it came from a restaurant. Do I have a food poisoning claim against the restaurant?

    If you can prove that your food poisoning sickness came from the restaurant, you may very well have a case.  Quite often, there are food poisoning outbreaks at restaurants after many customers report similar illnesses.  The local health department may shut down the restaurant to determine the cause of the food poisoning or the source.  If this is established, you have a good case.

  • I suffered salmonella food poisoning after eating at a Lansing restaurant. I was hospitalized and incurred significant medical expenses. I also missed time from work. Can I file a lawsuit against the restaurant?

    Yes.  You should be compensated for your pain and suffering and your medical bills should be paid by the restaurant.  You can also recover your wages lost due to your time away from work.

  • Can I file a claim for the Kroger beef E. coli outbreak ?

    Yes, if you sickened as a result of the E. coli outbreak from Kroger ground beef you do have legal rights and can file a claim.