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My mother was injured at a Michigan nursing home that did not have enough staff. I believe her injury was a result of the lack of patient oversight. Can I file a claim?

Yes, if your mother or loved one was injured at a Michigan nursing home that was due to the fact that the facility did not have enough staff and as a result she was not supervised at the time of injury, you can file a claim.  In fact, facilities are required to provide a staffing ratio between care providers to properly supervise or oversee patients in their rooms, bathrooms, the dining area, and other common areas. This is to ensure and prevent injury at all times to residents.

Often times, nursing home residents suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Due to this fact, residents may need to be monitored at all times and it is the responsibility and liability of the nursing home and its staff to ensure there not only is that patient properly overseen but there is a sufficient amount of adequately trained staff to supervise, monitor, and oversee patients.

Lack of patient oversight is considered nursing home neglect and residents and their families may be able to pursue a claim to receive compensation for the resulting injuries.  In addition to compensation, these nursing home neglect claims also serve to prevent such tragedy from happening to another patient in the future.

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