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My baby suffers from premature birth injuries. Can I sue the hospital for failure to prevent a premature birth?

Yes, you can sue the hospital for failure to prevent a premature birth injury if your baby suffers from premature birth injuries. A normal pregnancy lasts about nine months, or between 38 and 42 months. A premature birth occurs when an infant is born before reaching 37 weeks. Prematurely born infant often have a number of serious medical conditions and complications, including infection and sepsis, underdeveloped lungs, anemia, vision problems and blindness, and more. 

The doctors and medical staff should attempt to prolong pregnancy until the baby has made it to, or very near to, the full term, giving the child more time to devlop. Sometimes, it may not be possible to delay the delivery of a child. However, if the physician does not make an effort to prolong the pregnancy and the baby is born prematurely and suffers from a birth defect, the physician or medical staff may be liable for failing to take the necessary and proper action that may have prevented an injury to the baby.

It is necessary to contact an experienced birth injury lawyer to review the records so that a determination can be made as to whether you and your child are entitled to compensation for the premature injuries.  Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one Michigan birth injury attorneys to discuss your case. We offer a free consultation and will represent you and your family under our No Fee Promise, meaning you do not pay any legal fees until we prove and win your case.


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