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Is a property owner responsible if I am bitten by a tenant’s vicious dog?

Yes a property owner may be responsible if you are bitten by a tenant’s vicious dog. Under Michigan law, a property owner is determined responsible if several conditions apply. These conditions include:

  1. Was the landlord aware of the dangerousness of the tenant’s dog?

For example, has the dog attacked or tried to attack someone in the past, and the landlord was made aware of it, or has the landlord witnessed the dangerous proclivities of the dog in person.

  1. Was the landlord’s response to a knowledge of dangerousness unreasonable?

If the landlord knew of the dangerousness of the dog, did he or she take reasonable steps to prevent injuries by the dog, such as erecting proper walls, posting warnings, and requiring tenant to take certain preventative actions.

  1.  Was the person injured by the dog on the property or next to the property?

Courts will take into account the location of the dog bite incident. Where a person is attacked while lawfully on the property or next to it, the landlord will be liable. However, if the dog bite takes place at a location farther away from the property, the landlord will not be liable.

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