If I own more than one motorcycle in Michigan and they are insured on different policies, do I need the required medical coverage on each individual motorcycle policy?

Yes. If you want to ride each of your motorcycles in Michigan without a helmet, you must have the required medical coverage on each motorcycle insurance policy covering each motorcycle.
A requirement of at least $20,000 in medical coverage is required of Michigan motorcyclists by the new law. It is a specific coverage required to be purchased on your Michigan motorcycle insurance policy. The required medical coverage is not a Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage, and can not be satisfied as part of the PIP medical coverage on your auto policy, as well as your medical coverage through your health insurance.
The medical coverage required by the new law is required on your motorycycle policy, for each motorcycle, as oppossed to medical coverage elsewhere, (i.e., on auto policy, health insurance, medicare, Medicaid, etc.)
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