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How much settlement money can I sue for in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

There is no set amount of settlement money you can sue for in your medical malpractice lawsuit. It is all determined by a number of factors including:

  • Strength of evidence in proving that medical malpractice occurred
  • Injuries suffered by the patient associated with the malpractice
  • Amount of medical insurance coverage available for the claim
  • Location of the lawsuit

In addition to those factors, Michigan statute also sets laws for the maximum amount of settlement money a victim can sue for in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  This amount, also known as damage limits, or cap, is set every year by the State.

In cases involving the wrongful death of the patient, settlement money can also include the loss of society and companionship suffered by family members due to the loss of the loved one, medical expenses, loss of income and support, and funeral and burial expenses.

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