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How does a Michigan cerebral palsy lawyer prove medical malpractice caused CP?

In order to prove a medical malpractice birth injury case, a Michigan cerebral palsy attorney must first prove that the care the mother or the baby were provided fell below reasonably accepted standards for such care. This can be proven by having the medical records reviewed by board certification physicians to identify all areas of care that would be determined to be unacceptable. If there are areas identified where the care provided fell below what is acceptable, the Michigan cerebral palsy attorney will then need to prove that the care (or lack of care) provided directly led to the child sustaining an injury to the brain.

An injury to the brain is typically proven through the testimony of a neonatologist and/or a pediatric neurologist who, after reviewing all of the medical records, is able to conculde that the child's cerebral palsy was caused by the allegedly negligent care provided at or around the time of the child's birth. Such things as low APGAR scores, seizures or tremors in the newborn period, and developmental delays are commonly seen in children with cerebral palsy from medical malpractice at the time of birth.

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