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How can a Michigan cerebral palsy lawyer help my child?

It is important to contact a Michigan cerebral palsy lawyer if you believe your child suffered an injury at birth or during your pregnancy. The investigation and pursuit of a medical malpractice claim arising from a birth injury is very complicated and requires a significant amount of medical and legal knowledge. Therefore, it is essential that you contact an experienced cerebral palsy attorney.

Once contacted, your lawyer will request and obtain all of the important medical records and review them to determine whether there was any medical negligence in the care provided. If there appears to be a claim for medical malpractice, the lawyer will then discuss your case with a top medical expert in the United States to obtain their opinions reguarding the care provided. If the medical experts determine there is a meritorious claim, the Michigan cerebral palsy attorney will bring a claim on behalf of the injured child.

If a settlement is won for your child, the settlement funds can be used to help your child and the family. Funds are often used to purchase the durable medical equipment necessary to accommodate the special needs of the child and even to make modifications to your home that will allow additional freedom and mobility for your child. Additionally, the settlement funds can be used to help your child recieve additional occupational, physical, and speech therapy not currently being provided through the school system. Finally, these funds can be used to provide housing and other necessary living essentials to your child when he or she reaches adulthood and you can no longer provide parental supervision and care.

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