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Does the insurance company to have to pay for a prosthetic limb after a Michigan car accident?

Yes.  The Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws require the insurance company to pay all reasonable medical expenses incurred as the result of a Michigan car accident.  This also includes pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. 

 Under Michigan law, the responsible no-fault insurance company is responsible for paying for prosthetic devices and artificial limbs if they are the result of accident related injuries.  This type of claim falls under the medical provisions of the No-Fault Insurance laws.  They are considered to be Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits.  The amputee can select the prosthesist to design, make, and fit the artificial limb and does not have to use anyone recommended by the insurance company.  The insurance company also has to pay for maintenance and repairs of the prosthetic limb and regular replacements over the lifetime of the patient.

In addition to Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits, the accident victim may have the right to sue the negligent driver that caused the injuries.  This type of claim is for personal injury damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.  Other claims can be made for excess wage loss and household service benefits  which go beyond the three years that the no-fault insurance company is required to pay.

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