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Do I need a lawyer for my Michigan Wright hip replacement lawsuit?

You do not need a lawyer to sue for your Michigan Wright hip replacement lawsuit; however it is more beneficial to you if you do have an experienced attorney represent you in your hip replacement case. There are several reasons why having a lawyer is important and they include:

  • You will never want to sign a Release or any other paperwork with the insurance company without having it reviewed by a defective medical device lawyer. Often times, included on a Release form is language that may in fact hurt you in the future for your hip replacement injury claim. A lawyer will be able to ensure you do not sign anything that will haunt you in the future.
  • The majority of individuals do not have experience in the court room, however an attorney does and if you hire an attorney that specializes in defective medical devices, they will have significant experience not only in the court room, but also in hiring medical professionals that will be able to evaluate medical records.
  • You will often receive a higher settlement amount, even after paying attorney fees. This is because an experienced defective medical device lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so that you receive the maximum compensation for injuries suffered.

If you or someone you know suffered injuries after a Wright hip replacement, including the MOM (Conserve & Profemur) Total Hip System, call our law firm office now at (800) 606-1717.  We are actively pursuing lawsuits on behalf of patients suffering complications from the Wright Conserve Plus Cup, the Conserve Total Femoral Head, the Wright Modular Femoral Neck, and the Profemur E Cementless Stem. Call today and learn your legal rights!

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