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Do I have to join the class action for the spinal injection meningitis outbreak?

Patients who have been infected with meningitis, and family members of patients who have died from receiving the injection, do have legal rights against the pharmaceutical company and perhaps other defendants as well.  While many people believe that they are required to participate in a class action lawsuit that has already been filed, this is not necessarily the case.   Many times, an injured person is better off by filing his or her own individual lawsuit rather than joining a class action.

A person who joins a class action essentially relinquishes a significant amount of control over their own case.  This is because you become just a number in what can be hundreds or even thousands of claimants and you lose your ability to make your own decisions on the case.  The lead plaintiff and class action attorneys control the outcome of your case and you may be afforded little or no opportunity to tell your story or determine the result that you want. Therefore, it may be a better choice for the victim and the victim's family to not participate in a class action lawsuit but file their own individual lawsuit for the spinal injection meningitis outbreak.

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