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Do I Have To Follow The IME Doctor Recommendations?

The term IME stands for Independent Medical Examination, but we all know that these doctors are not independent at all. 

They are hired by the insurance company and your employer to provide a report that will give the insurer a basis for denying or terminating your benefits. 

The doctor will usually report that either you have recovered from your injury and can return to work or that your condition is not related to your job.

The IME doctor may make recommendations about your restrictions or your ability to return to work. 

You are not required to follow those recommendations and can follow your own doctor’s restrictions. However, this may result in the suspension of your benefits.

You are entitled to a copy of your IME report.  It is a good idea to show it to your own doctor. 

Many times, your doctor will write a letter to the insurance company disputing the IME doctor’s opinions. 

If the insurance company agrees with your doctor, then your benefits and restrictions should continue.  If the insurance company does not agree, you can either follow the IME recommendations or file a workers compensation claim if your benefits are terminated.

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