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Can I sue the city if I fell on an uneven sidewalk and was injured in Michigan?

Under Michigan law, a person who falls an uneven or defective sidewalk may have the right to sue the city for not repairing the dangerous condition.  Under Michigan law, a claim due to the city's failure to maintain the sidewalk can be made when the municipality violates required by Michigan Statute MCL 691.1401, et. seq.  This essentially holds that the city must maintain the sidewalks in a safe manner and can be sued if a defective condition causes injury or harm to a pedestrian, bicyclist, and even a skateboarder.  Photographs of the condition on the date of the injury are helpful in proving the defect.

A person who fell on a Michigan sidewalk due to a defective condition must provide the governmental notice of the defect and prove that that it existed for at least 30 days prior to the fall. The injury victim must provide written notice to the governmental entity within 120 days of the fall. The failure to provide notice within that time frame will forever bar an injured victim's claim for money damages.

If you or someone you know fell and was injured on a defective sidewalk in Michigan, you should call our attorneys today so that we can fully investigate your case, take photographs of the condition, and send the proper written notice to the city to preserve your claim.  Call our Michigan sidewalk injury lawyers now at (800) 606-1717.

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