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Can I sue if I was burned by a laser during hair removal procedure?

If you suffer significant burn injuries by a laser during hair removal you can sue the plastic surgeon, dermatologist, spa, or technician who performed the procedure.  This type of lawsuit is called a medical malpractice lawsuit. Despite what you might be told by the technician, serious burn injuries are not normal and you should never be harmed by a laser hair removal machine.

The clinic or spa is often negligent for failing to properly train the technician and failing to ensure that the laser is functioning properly prior to the procedure.  The failure to properly supervise a laser technician can also give rise to a lawsuit. Depending on who performs the laser procedure and where it is performed, the legal recourse may be a medical malpractice lawsuit.

It is very important to properly document all treatment sessions and take photographs of any burn injuries or disfiguring injuries after each session. This is the best way to prove that you have been unlawfully harmed by the laser and is excellent evidence to prove your case.

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