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Can I sue If I was a UPS driver attacked by a dog in Michigan?

Yes, if you are a UPS driver attacked by a dog in Michigan, you do have have legal rights. The UPS driver will have two types of dog bite injury claims arising out of this type of case under Michigan law. The first claim is a claim for workers compensation benefits, where the injured worker will receive wage loss benefits during the period of disability from the attack, and also receive medical expense benefits for all treatment related to injuries from the animal bite and/or attack.

The second claim is against the dog owner or animal owner for pain and suffering damages resulting from injuries from the animal bite or attack. Dog attacks often result in significant scarring and disfigurement and bone fractures. Under the Michigan law for dog bite injuries and attacks, the owner or keeper of the dog may be strictly liable for the attack and for failing to keep the dog properly leashed. Additionally, the animal owner will be responsible for repaying the workers compensation benefits paid out by the Federal Express Company.

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