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Can I sue for my injuries if I was in an accident with a landscaping truck trailer in Michigan?

Yes, you can sue for your injuries if injured in an accident with a landscaping truck trailer in Michigan. Due to the size of these vehicles and the fact that there is a trailer attached to them, the injuries caused by in a landscaping company truck accident can be catastrophic. In many circumstances, the truck is being driven either by an unlicensed driver or a driver with a terrible driving record who should not have been permitted to drive the landscaping truck in the first place. Also, many of these accidents involve landscape workers who were drinking on the job and were drunk at the time of the accident.

Victims of landscaping company truck accidents do have legal rights and should pursue them immediately after the accident.  For more information about your rights after a Michigan landscaping truck accident, call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our top-rated car accident lawyers.  We will represent you under our No Fee Promise, meaning you do not pay any legal fees until we win or settle your case.

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