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Can I sue a hospital if I fell off a gurney and broke my hip?

Yes you can sue a hospital if you fell off a gurney and broke your hip. These falls frequently happen when the medical staff is careless in the transport of the patient or when the patient is not properly strapped down on the gurney. The Michigan hospital should be well trained in the transport of a patient from a gurney as well as how to properly strap down a patient. When the hospital fails to do so, and due to this fact, you fell off a gurney and broke your hip, you do have the legal right to sue the hospital.

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers purse lawsuits involving patient falls from gurneys and patients dropped from gurneys against hospitals and ambulances. These accidents often result in very serious injuries and lengthy medical treatment and rehabilitation.  Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced medical negligence lawyers about your case. Our experienced Michigan attorneys will start working on your case immediately, reviewing your entire medical chart to gather evidence necessary to prove and win your case.

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