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Can I sue a dog owner if I was knocked off my bicycle and bitten by a dog in Michigan?

Yes, you can sue the dog owner of the dog that bit you and knocked you off your bicycle while riding. According to Michigan law when a bicyclist suffers injuries from being knocked down by a dog or bitten by the dog while riding a bike, the victim is entitled to pursue a dog bite case against the dog owner.  In addition, under Michigan law the dog owner is responsible for a dog attack, regardless of prior knowledge of the viciousness of the animal.

Michigan also has a leash law which requires dog owners to keep their dog on a leash and under control in public areas. Many dog owners do not abide by this law and allow their dogs to run freely in streets and parks. When a person is injured after being chased by a dog or bitten by a dog while riding their bike, the dog owner is responsible for the injuries suffered in the attack.

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