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Can I get Michigan no-fault insurance benefits after a bicycle accident?

Yes.  You can receive Michigan no-fault insurance benefits after a bicycle accident if there was a motor vehicle involved in the accident.  These benefits include payment of medical expenses, lost wages, transportation expenses, attendant care services, and household services. 

The key to obtaining your insurance benefits after a bicycle accident in Michigan is determining which no-fault insurance company is responsible for paying your benefits.  In Michigan, there is an Order of Priority for determining which insurer must pay benefits.  First, if you own an insured vehicle then your own car insurance company will pay those benefits.  If you do not have an insured vehicle, then the next source of insurance coverage would be a relative living in the same household as you with auto insurance.  If neither of those apply, then the auto insurance company for the motor vehicle that struck you would be responsible for paying your benefits.  If that vehicle was not insured, you would be able to make your claim with the Assigned Claims Facility.

Your Application for No-Fault Insurance Benefits must be filed with the proper insurance company within one year of the accident.  There is also a deadline for submitting your expenses and for filing a lawsuit.  Therefore, you should contact our office immediately so that we can determine which insurance company must pay your benefits after the bicycle accident and so we can assist you in making sure all claims are timely submitted.

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