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Can I file a Michigan lawsuit if I had a second surgery to replace my Wright hip replacement?

Yes, you may be able to file a Michigan lawsuit if you had a second surgery to replace your Wright MOM hip implant. A second surgery is usually required because the patient is suffering serious complications such as severe pain (hip, thigh, groin, lower back), metallosis, tissue destruction, pseudo tumors, bone destruction, hip fractures or dislocation, or more.

A a patient undergoes initial hip replacement surgery to assist them, whether it’s to relieve hip pain while walking or increase mobility. The hip replacement that is implanted is expected to work and not cause complications or significant harm to a patient. Therefore, when a patient has to undergo a second revision surgery to replace their initial Wright hip implant, there is basis for a lawsuit and the patient may be able to file a defective medical device claim against the manufacturer, Wright Medical Group.

In fact, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to inform the FDA and the public about the fault and the potential risks of the product, and if they do not, they can be held liable.

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