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Can I file a lawsuit if my mother died from a urinary tract infection in a Michigan nursing home?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit if your mother died from a urinary tract infection in a Michigan nursing home due to neglect. If your mother’s death is attributed from the result of her infection, and the nursing home physicians and staff failed to properly prevent, treat or diagnose your mother with the condition, then you do have means to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The Michigan nursing home in which your mother had resided at should have been properly trained to treat residents with urinary tract infections, particularly because these infections are quite common in geriatric patients. In fact, statistics show that the incidence of these infections in hospitals and nursing homes is greater than one million cases each year.

Our Michigan nursing home neglect attorneys specialize in these types of cases, with a track record of obtaining sizeable settlements for families of victims of nursing home neglect. Filing this type of lawsuit will not only help a family fight for the justice of their loved one, but will also make the nursing facility aware of the issue and hopefully help prevent death and injury to other nursing home residents residing there.  

For more information about your rights after the death of your mother or other family member due to a urinary tract infection in a Michigan nursing home, call our office now at (800) 606-1717.  You will speak with one of our experienced nursing home infection lawyers and we will discuss your case with you so that you not only understand your legal rights, but also the legal process of filing a nursing home negligence lawsuit.

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