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Can I file a lawsuit if injured in Michigan car accident by driver with no auto insurance?

If injured in Michigan car accident by driver with no auto insurance, you still may be able to recover a settlement for pain and suffering damages. When hit by a driver with no insurance, it is important to review your own auto insurance declaration page to determine whether you have uninsured motorist coverage on your policy.  This is a type of coverage that you paid for to protect yourself and your family members in the event you were injured in an auto accident by a driver with no insurance. Even if you did not have this coverage but a family member living in the same household had this benefit, you still may be able to recover for your injuries suffered. A claim can be made on behalf of that coverage, called an uninsured motorist benefit claim. It is best to have an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer immediately investigate your car accident claims, including the review of your insurance contract. There are very strict time limitations in pursuing this type of claim. There if you are involved in a Michigan auto accident with a Michigan uninsured motorist, we recommend that you contact an experienced attorney immediately.


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