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Can I file a lawsuit if I was injured by an open car door while I was riding on my bicycle in Michigan?

Yes, a lawsuit can be filed if a bicyclist was injured by an open car door while riding bicycle in Michigan. The injuries that result from this type of accident are often serious, including traumatic brain injuries and even death.

When a person opens a car door into the path of a moving bicyclist, the person exiting the car may be held liable for the injuries to the bicyclist.  It is well-known to all drivers and occupants of vehicles that it is necessary to first look around before opening a car door.  The failure to do that is negligence when a bicyclist is injured by the opening of the car door.

Therefore, if the person who opened the car door is found negligent, a lawsuit may be able to be filed against that person for pain and suffering damages.  In addition to a personal injury claim, the injured Michigan bicyclist may be able to file a claim for Michigan no-fault benefits against the negligent person’s insurance company. Many times, the auto insurance company will pay substantial settlements for a bicyclist struck by an open car door.

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