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Can I file a dog bite lawsuit in Michigan for psychological injuries?

Yes, you may file a lawsuit for psychological injuries from a dog attack in Michigan. Although most cases involve facial disfigurement, maiming, scarring, and nerve damage, psychological injuries can be just as severe and are valid reasons to file a claim.

After being attacked by a dog in Michigan, a person may not feel or behave normally for a significant amount of time. He or she may feel depressed, nervous or fearful -- may cry, take dangerous risks or not get along with friends and family. There are many possible symptoms and classifications of this problem. "Post-traumatic stress disorder" is one such classification.

One of the most painful effects of a dog bite can be the resulting morbid fear of dogs. The emotional reactions of children who are the victims of, or witnesses to, dog attacks include fear, depression, withdrawal and anger. Some children and adolescents will have prolonged problems after a traumatic event. These potentially chronic conditions include depression and prolonged grief.

These problems can occur immediately or sometime after the tragic event. Many such children will develop post-traumatic stress. PTSD may resolve without treatment, but some form of therapy by a mental health professional is often required in order for healing to occur.

Being that these injuries are not visible injuries, it is important to choose a top rated dog bite lawyer in Michigan who has experience in these types of cases.

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