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Can an out of state college student in Michigan receive no-fault insurance benefits after an auto accident?

An out of state college student in Michigan may be able to receive no-fault insurance benefits after suffering injuries in an auto accident. A student may NOT be eligible to receive benefits if the:

  1. College student drives the car for more than 30 cumulative days in Michigan without a Michigan no-fault insurance policy
  2. College student is the title holder of the vehicle and is not insured under a Michigan no-fault insurance policy

To ensure that a college student is eligible to receive Michigan no-fault benefits after an auto accident, college students attending school in Michigan from other states and their parents should contact their insurance company to add an addendum to the auto insurance policy to add the Michigan no-fault insurance coverage.  Or, in the alternative, have the automobile insured through an agent in Michigan that provides a certified no-fault insurance policy. Once this is done, the college student will be properly insured to drive in Michigan and receive all protections and benefits under the Michigan no-fault insurance laws.

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