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Can a family member get paid for providing attendant care services after a Michigan car accident?

Yes, a family member is entitled to get paid for providing attendant care services after a Michigan car accident to their relative injured in the crash. Attendant care service benefits can be substantial and cost the insurance company a significant sum of money, so many adjusters do not fully explain these benefits to the accident victim or the person providing the care, or attempt to pay family members a lower rate for the services then if an outside person or agency provided the services. There is no basis for this, as Michigan law allows a family member to not only perform these services, but also be paid the same amount as an agency for example.  Attendant care rate paid is determined by the level of care and supervision the Michigan car accident victim requires and is prescribed by the physician.

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our top rated car accident lawyers have significant experience in receiving attendant care compensation for our Michigan car accident victims. We understand how to present these injuries to the jury and insurance companies so that they are able to understand and recognize the seriousness of the injuries suffered and how attendant care services is necessary for their rehabilitation process.

If the auto insurance company has failed to pay a family member providing attendant care services or underpaid a family member at a low hourly rate, you should contact our attendant care claim lawyers immediately at (800) 606-1717. We will force the insurance company to pay the proper rate and obtain all past due and underpaid benefits for the services provided in the past. There are strict time deadlines for filing Michigan No-Fault insurance claims so you contact us immediately.

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